Clean Eats at Atomic Burger

So my husband's birthday was on Saturday, but because he's awesome, we began the celebration on Thursday night. We maintain very strict, clean eating habits, but his birthday was a good opportunity to take a little break, while still allowing him to enjoy his favorite activity, eating. After eating at his favorite local breakfast hangout, I decided to take him to Atomic Burger for lunch. It's a new fast casual restaurant located on Burbank and Lee. They've been open for about a week and we'd heard rave reviews about them so we were excited.

So let's talk about why this place is a big deal for us. We make every effort to avoid chemical processing in every area of our lives, especially our food. Sure there are lots of restaurants where you can get a hamburger and fries, but we value eateries that take pride in the sourcing and preparation of their menu items. Atomic Burger seems to do just that. Their beef is ground fresh in house, they slice their own potatoes, and their produce is freshly prepared. In addition, they have a variety of options for those with dietary restrictions, and that was the cherry on top.

The design of the restaurant has a very retro, yet modern style to it, kind of like the In-and-Out Burger restaurants back home in LA. There were a few guests in line, but we didn't mind the wait because we could smell the awesomeness as soon as we walked in the door. What really impressed us was the Gluten Free (Products made without wheat, spelt, kamut, farro, durum, bulgar, semolina, barley, rye, and triticale) and Keto Friendly (low-carb/high fat) Cauliflower bun and lettuce wrap options. Our family has very strict dietary guidelines due to my wheat allergy and our son's eczema that's triggered by wheat, dairy, and eggs. There aren't many places where we can all enjoy a full meal without too many substitutions, so we appreciate their consideration of those with alternative dietary needs.

The Cauliflower Bun and Keto options are a nice touch for those with dietary restrictions. They also offer veggie and turkey burgers.

We both ordered the Atomic Burger with grilled onions and Cauliflower bun, and a side of fries to share. Although they do have shakes, our lactose intolerance just couldn't handle the dairy. However, their shakes aren't just the usual ice cream in a cup type shakes. They're actually chilled to order using liquid nitrogen (yep, you read that correctly). I promise you I stood there in a daze, fascinated by the process! One day, I may live on the wild side and try one. But I digress...

By the time we ordered, picked up a few condiments from the bar, and found a table on the enclosed patio, our food was ready. Now before I tell you about the burger, let's discuss this condiment bar. The hubs and I are both suckers for condiments. (Like seriously! Our fridge contains an ungodly amount of them) So you can just imagine the joy we felt in our hearts when we saw toppings like Roasted Garlic Aioli (our fave), Truffle Mayo, and Sriracha Mayo! We were in condiment heaven! Okay, so back to the burger. The Cauliflower bun was a pleasant alternative to the typical lettuce wrap. It had the texture of a fried egg and didn't fall apart or get all messy like a lettuce wrap either. I really don't like the taste of cauliflower, but I honestly couldn't even tell it was the main ingredient.

Dip the fry! Trust me! The Garlic Aioli is magical!

The patties had that signature beefiness that you want on a burger, and it honestly reminded me of In-and-Out burger as well. Especially with the grilled onions. The fries, (drool) were homemade. No one had to tell me they were freshly sliced because I could tell! They had a soft, fleshy potato center and a slight crisp on the outside. Perfect! You just can't get that flavor or texture from frozen fries. And I must say, the Garlic Aioli made a perfect dip.

After finishing the burger, although I was full, I wasn't "loosen my pants" stuffed, and that was a good thing. The cauliflower bun gave me the satisfaction of a "real" burger without an actual wheat derived bun. I can dig it! While eating burgers and fries are not our typical household meal, it's great to have options available where we can enjoy a burger made with fresh ingredients instead of all of the heavily processed, chemically altered ones.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit and our food. So much so, that we're adding it to our list of places to go in Baton Rouge. Have you tried Atomic Burger yet? Let me know your thoughts below. Until next time...

Rochelle C. is a homeschool mom, Co-Owner of LiveFree Natural Home and Body Care, The Red Wagon School Supply Concierge, and a Green Living Consultant. After teaching high school and college for 7 years, she traded in her red pen for a baby rattle and joyfully embarked upon a new career as a stay at home mom. When she’s not changing diapers, Rochelle works with her husband in the family business. Together they own LiveFree Natural Home & Body Care, a Health & Wellness company that specializes in formulating all natural home and body care products as well as teaching classes in their community on the dangers of harmful chemicals in everyday personal care products.

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