Hand & Surface Cleaner Spray and Whipped Body Mousse Set

Hand & Surface Cleaner Spray and Whipped Body Mousse Set

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If you’re tired of using sticky hand sanitizer that leaves a residue on your skin and makes your hands desert like  and dry, then you need this set in your life! Our Hand & Surface Spray is formulated in an FDA registered facility (yeah we don’t play games with this!) with 70% Non GMO Alcohol and citrus essential oils (They have antiviral properties). My hands don’t feel stripped or sticky and I can use it on absolutely anything (including my phone, tablet, shopping cart, kids, and to clean my windows ) Our Whipped Body Mousse is still out here being the best buttery moisturizer you’ll ever use and helps protect your skin and  hands from the overuse of alcohol based products (If you're not using our sanitizer of course;) . I can literally use these products together and my hands don’t peel and feel rough and chapped. 

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