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Wed, Apr 08
DIY Natural Baby Wipes
Have you ever read the ingredients on your baby wipes? While some have some pretty simple, clean ingredients, I prefer to make my own so I know exactly what's in them, and it gives me some control of what I expose my little guys skin to. So join us and learn how to make your own natural baby wipes.
Wed, Mar 25
Naturally Fabulous: A Clean Beauty Tutorial
Hey ladies! Let's talk makeup! So yes, I like to keep it natural, but I also LOVE makeup and glitter ✨ so I'm often asked what kind of makeup I wear (when I wear it) and which brands are the most natural with clean formulas. Well join us this Wednesday for Naturally Fabulous for your answers.
Sat, Jun 22
Old Paths Natural Market
What’s In Your Purse?
You’ve heard a lot about why you should switch to natural products, but are your current personal care products really THAT bad? Well, they may be. If you aren’t using natural, non-toxic products then you may be exposing yourself to hundreds of toxic chemicals daily.
Sat, Feb 02
Old Paths Natural Market
The Home Detox
Are you ready to Live Green in 2019? The Home Detox is a crash course in all things natural! Let us help you rid your home and body of harmful toxic products and make the switch to a healthy, natural lifestyle.

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